Snow Ribbon

LOCATION: Snowy Mountains, NSW

DATE: August 2018

LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Just 10 prints available World-Wide.


The Western Face of the Snowy Mountains is like nothing else you will see in Australia. To me, it feel more like a scene from the European Alps than Australia.

I’ve longed to photographed this area since seeing a brilliant aerial photograph from fellow snow photographer Mike Edmondson a little while back.

It took me years to get there and a lot of hard work and training. I started back in 2005, doing short one night snow camping adventures in Victoria for the first time. Then I graduated to the multi-day hikes. Learning how to use snow shoes and camp in the snow was exciting as well as incredibly daunting. One poor mistake and my life would be taken from me. The weather in these landscapes can be vicious and unrelenting.

After many years I felt I was ready to tackle the big one - the Snowy Mountains. Higher than any other mountains in Australia, they are incredibly exposed. If the weather turns foul up there, there is literally no where to hide for a photographer. A few years back, my two friends got caught out and spend a week in an emergency shelter waiting for the storm to pass!

With much excitement and concern, I made my way through the deep snow to a peak called Carruthers Peak. it took forever to get there! Walking uphill at altitude through the soft snow with 35kgs of photographic equipment and camping gear is hard work.

Fortunately the weather gods were with me and I spent three gorgeous nights camping and photographing.

But I longed to photograph it from the air. There’s something about seeing the landscape from above that gives me a greater appreciation for its beauty.

I travelled up that way again in 2018 and waited patiently for two days in the nearby township of Jindbyne for the weather to settle. On my final day the wind calmed down and I finally got my opportunity to take to the air. For an hour we floated over the white, glistening landscape. It was incredible to see it from above - the places I’d walked and photographed so often.

I felt very fortunate to do this - not many photographers have had the opportunity to photograph what I had done.

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