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Artwork in the kitchen? Why not!

Artwork in the kitchen? Why not!

Initially it may sound weird to have artwork in your kitchen. A bit like having it in the bathroom. But hey, if there’s wall space, why not?

I have artwork in my kitchen. I love it. I see it all the time as I’m preparing meals and coming in and out of the kitchen area.

So what art suits a kitchen space?

Let’s start with the artwork finish first. Kitchens are spaces that require cleanliness. The bench tops, the stove and the splash backs we like to have clean. An acrylic finish, being the same product as a splash back, is a clean, modern and minimalistic look that suits the kitchen environment. Putting this finish in the kitchen will not look out of place. And the best part? It’s easy to clean with just a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

Now what subject matter for that artwork?

Let’s steer away from the cliches - food, vegetables with fake water droplets and all that stuff. I prefer to match the artwork with the colour decor of the kitchen.

If you have wooden bench tops, why wouldn’t you go with an artwork that has warm tones in it? You can search our collection of images via colour. In the main menu, go to THEMES > COLOUR.

You can see photos that are Black and White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Pink, Magenta, and Green.

Black accents are the rage at the moment. Black handles provide style and sophistication. Match it with strong blacks in an artwork from our Black and White range.

Whatever the artwork is that you choose, make sure it’s one that provides inspiration and enjoyment each time you look at it.

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