About the Artist

Tom Putt is an award-winning fine art landscape photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Tom’s passion is driven by his desire to showcase the beauty of the landscape. Regarded as one of Australia’s most prolific landscape photographers, Tom spends many months of the year creating new photographs for upcoming limited editions and book projects.

Featured on this website is a selection of prints available for acquisition by individuals, institutions, art consultants and designers. Master Printer Darren Rokahr at CPL Digital Services in South Melbourne, Victoria has been printing Tom’s photographs to museum-quality standard for over 20 years. Working with master framers in state-of-the-art materials, each image is then framed to the buyer’s preference and produced with a lifetime guarantee for its expert craftsmanship. 


Tom’s large-scale landscapes are exquisitely produced as short-run limited editions for the wall framed or acrylic prints. Working with state-of-the-art materials, Tom’s photographs are archivally produced with a lifetime guarantee for its expert craftsmanship. 

Tom’s photographs are strictly limited to a total of just 23 prints offered in three sizes. As each photograph sells, the value increases due to its scarcity in the marketplace. Once the edition has sold, no more photographs can be produced.

A selection of photographs can be viewed at his exclusive gallery at 5/27 Progress Street, Mornington, Victoria. These grand scale installations showcase the depth and detail in the landscape that Tom is renowned for. For more information on acquiring these photographs, please visit the ‘Acquire Limited Editions’ page on this website.

Tom welcomes the opportunity to work with you to choose photographs to suit your needs. Photographs can be researched, photographed and produced in other sizes, surfaces (such as cloth or silk) and/or presentation styles for site-specific locations. 

To acquire images from current editions, view additional images at the Gallery or to discuss creative collaborations, commercial licensing or other engagements, please contact the artist directly via directly on +613 8678 1780 or via email


Tom has received over 100 National and International Awards including the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Runner-up (2014), an Honourable Mention in the International Photography Awards (2014), Awarded Master of Photography (2013) and Highly Commended in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award (2005).


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