Buying art can be a challenging decision. 

  • Will it look any good?
  • Have I chosen the right size?
  • Will my friends like it?

    Luckily we've had many years experience selling artwork and can help you with this important decision.

    Customers come to us for one of two reasons:

    1. They have blank walls that need to be filled.
    2. They are looking for a particular artwork for their home.

    Whatever your motivation is for purchasing artwork, we love helping you in finding the right artwork for you.
    Let's tackle each reason in detail:


    If artwork is purchased to fill your walls, choosing based on the style and colour scheme is a great place to start. 

    • What is the style of your home?
    • Is it Hamptons? Modern? Classic?

    This will determine the style of the artwork and medium it is presented on.
    For example, a Hamptons style home needs a beach scene presented in a white shadow box frame.

    A metal or acrylic artwork will suit a modern home that is light-filled with big white walls. 

    • What colour is your furniture?
    • The flooring?
    • The colour of your walls?

    Many homes these days have neutral tones and timber flooring, therefore the Raw Oak Shadow Box Frames work very well - and our most popular selling frame.
    Is your home light-filled or darker? 

    A darker style of home may need a brighter image to be seen.


    In this home, our buyer matched the artwork with the beautiful rug (Hidden Pool, Karijini, WA - 200cms Acrylic Print).

    Where is the artwork going in your home? 

    • The Entrance?
    • Living room?
    • Dining Room?
    • Bedrooms?
    • Hallway?
    • Stairwell?

    Each of these positions can determine the size and style of artwork.

    • Entrance - this should be a statement piece that has the WOW factor when anyone visits your home. Our 150 x 100cms artworks work well in an entrance.
    • Living Room - an artwork that evokes a sense of family and belonging works well in a living room. Our 150 x 100cms artworks work well in an Living Room.
    • Bedrooms - being a personal space, an artwork that has meaning to you is important. Our 100 x 75cms or 150 x 100cms work well depending on the size of the walls (see the section below on PRINT SIZES).
    • Hallway - if the artwork is going in your hallway, make sure the artwork is not too large. Otherwise you won't be able to stand back far enough to appreciate the artwork. Our 60 x 40cms are perfect for this. A large vertical artwork is perfect at the end of the hallway to draw your eye in. Our 100 x 75cms and 150 x 100cms artworks work well in this space.


    This artwork sits in the family room over the main couch opposite the TV (Kings Canyon Sunset, NT - 200cms Acrylic Print). 



    Our customers also choose their artwork because they have a particular piece in mind. They may have fond memories of a holiday location or a place they grew up in. They may live in a fabulous area and want to show it off in their home.

    In that case, we direct them towards the many locations we have in our catalogue from across Australia. 

    For example, we sell many artworks to homeowners on the Mornington Peninsula because they love where they live and have often grow up here also.

    Sometimes they're after a certain style, such as an autumn scene or snow scene. We have a range of themes to choose from on the website.


    This artwork was chosen because of the time the owners have spent up in Bright, Victoria, where the photograph was taken (Autumn Colours, VIC - 150cms high Metal Print).

    In any case, if you're choosing a particular artwork for your home, we feel it's important that you connect with the artwork emotionally

    Many of the artworks I've chosen for my own home are ones that I've fallen in love with the moment I saw them. Yes, it was love at first sight! I'd like to think that if you love it the first time you see it, you're only going to love it more in years to come!

    A treasured artwork should keep giving to you as the years pass. You come to appreciate it more. You realise the more you look at it, the more you see in it. What it gives you has you feel a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment in the right purchase you've made.


    Your artwork size depends mainly on the size of the wall you're placing it on. As a general rule, the artwork should take up approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of the wall space width. 

    For example, a 3m wide wall should have a 1.5m to 2m wide artwork to fill that space. Any smaller and the artwork will get lost.

    Here's a guide for the more popular spaces in your home:

    • Entrance - 100 x 75cms or larger, depending on the space.
    • Living Room - 150cms wide for a 2 seater couch; 150cms plus for a 3 seater couch. 
    • Bedrooms - 150cms wide for above a queen-sized bed or other wall.
    • Hallway - 60 x 40cms for narrow hallways; 100 x 75cms or larger for the end of a hallway.
    • Study - 60 x 40cms or larger

    If you like, send us a photo of your wall from a variety of angles, and we can place your favourite artwork from our selection onto your wall. Our customers love this service as they get a great feel for the size and feel of the artwork in their home before they make their purchase decision.

    Check out our Print Size Comparison photos below that shows our more popular sizes above two couches to give you a feel for what looks good.


    We customise all our artwork for your home, so if you have a particular size in mind, let's chat about providing that for you.

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