What better way to set the tone for a room than hanging a large,  impressive artwork in your living room?

Often the walls that need filling the most in our home are the living room. Above a large couch or on the wall in the hallway opposite the living room, there’s plenty of room to feature your artwork.

Choose an artwork that makes a statement. One that has your friends say, “WOW!” One that when you look at it, a stirring emotion comes over you.

I always say to my customers that you should choose art that has an immediate impact on you. It’s almost like the artwork chooses you rather than you choosing the art. Of the artwork I’ve bought, they’ve all caught my attention as soon as I’ve set my eyes on it for the first time. I’m a big believer that if it creates that impression on you now, it will continue to give you that for years to come. Never convince yourself into buying art - you’re more than likely to fall out of love with it. Buying art is an emotional purchase - so make sure you’re emotional In a good way) when you buy it!

I recommend at least a 150cms wide artwork for living rooms generally. See our Size Guide for what work best for the size of the room. As a guide, any artwork should take up at least half to two-thirds the width of the wall space available.

You don’t want an artwork that dominates a room because it’s too big. But the mistake I see most people making is that they shop on price rather than the ideal size for their space. In choosing an artwork that’s cheaper, they go too small and it looks inadequate on the wall.

Above a couch, the artwork should be 2/3 the width of the couch. The larger the couch, the larger the artwork needs to be.

All of our artwork is custom-made to order, so we can cater for all your needs. We’ve produced artwork up to 300cms wide recently. 

Here are some examples of living room art we recommend from our collection. Just click on the photo to shop this art.


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Autumn in Arrowtown - New ZealandAn old house with the long-standing autumn trees in surroundings, and countless same trees in the background, Autumn in Arrowtown - New Zealand
Autumn in Arrowtown - New Zealand Sale priceFrom AUD$340.00
Crimson Carpet - Bright VICA close up capture of a group of abscission leaves with different purple shades, Crimson Carpet - Bright Victoria
Crimson Carpet - Bright VIC Sale priceFrom AUD$340.00
Karijini Rain - Karijini, The PilbaraA large stony land area with some trees and a large group of smoky clouds over it, Karijini Rain - Karijini, The Pilbara
Karijini Rain - Karijini, The Pilbara Sale priceFrom AUD$1,150.00
Karijini Road, The PilbaraEmpty road following a dark dense group of clouds, Karijini Road - Karijini, The Pilbara
Karijini Road, The Pilbara Sale priceFrom AUD$1,150.00
Lake Te Anau Jetty, Fiordland, New ZealandA wooden bridge over a lake, Lake Te Anau New Zealand Art
Ragging Waterfall, Milford Sound - New ZealandMassive waterfall with dark mountain wall bahind, Ragging Waterfall, Milford Sound - New Zealand
The Three Sisters - Blue Mountains NSWRocky mountain walls with three similar peak points, The Three Sisters - Blue Mountains NSW
The Three Sisters - Blue Mountains NSW Sale priceFrom AUD$1,150.00
Waterfall Rocks, Mornington Peninsula, VictoriaGiant rocky wall in a sea with a massive water flow over it, Winter's Storm, Mornington Peninsula, VIC