The bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s a place of rest. A place to slow down, reflect, and recharge for the new day ahead.

Bedroom Wall Art can reflect these emotions. 

It could be a waterfall that creates a sense of calm. It could be mystical landscape that allows you to drift away and forgot about the day. It could be an inspiring landscape, like the sun coming up, that energises you for the day.

We’ve installed some very personal artworks in bedrooms that has great meaning for the owners. I have a 150 x 120cms framed print that I took in Namibia a few years back. It sits at the end of my bed. Yes it’s a big artwork. But it needs to be. It has such intricate detail and beautiful lighting that it would be an injustice to print it smaller. It brings back such fond memories of our first time in Africa. I love being reminded of that trip every time I look at it.

Depending on the wall space available, you can have a large statement piece or a small, intimate artwork. It’s up to you!


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Cradle Dawn - Cradle Mountain TASA dim light pinkish landscape view of a mountain-covered lake with a clear reflection of the mountains in the lake, Cradle Dawn - Cradle Mountain TAS
Cradle Dawn - Cradle Mountain TAS Sale priceFrom AUD$1,150.00
Karijini Reflections - Karijini, The PilbaraGlowing mountain downstairs with a clear flow of water, Karijini Reflections - Karijini, The Pilbara
Autumn Road, Bright VictoriaA beautiful landscape capture of a road having greenish-yellow autumn trees in a series on both sides of the road, Autumn Road, Bright Victoria
Autumn Road, Bright Victoria Sale priceFrom AUD$1,150.00