Your study is a contemplative space. A space for enlightenment. A space for quietness to allow concentration.

Your artwork should reflect this. 

If your walls are small in your study, go with a smaller 60 x 40cms artwork. A small, intimate piece can evoke the desired emotion for the study.

Mind you, if the walls are big and need filling, go large! I recently put a 200cms wide acrylic artwork above a couch in a large study.

I recommend the artwork be personal. One that evokes strong emotional memories for you.

A favourite holiday destination perhaps. An inspiring location. An artwork that lifts you when your workload gets too heavy.

See examples from our collection below. Click on the photo to shop that artwork.


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Hastings, Mornington Peninsula, VICA coast of boats in a sea, Hastings - Mornington Peninsula VIC
Hastings, Mornington Peninsula, VIC Sale priceFrom AUD$340.00
Karijini Reflections - Karijini, The PilbaraGlowing mountain downstairs with a clear flow of water, Karijini Reflections - Karijini, The Pilbara
McCrae Swimmers, Mornington Peninsula, VICAerial view of a green seashore with a lot of people on the beach, McCrae Swimmers - Mornington Peninsula VIC