Power Poles in snow, Iceland

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Iceland is unique. Going in winter meant much of the landscape was covered in snow. On this occasion, we were driving through a strong blizzard. The wind was doing its best to push the van off the road and into next year! The conditions were sketchy, to say the least!

Through the storm, I noticed these power poles were the only colour other than white - so they really stood out! I thought they were sublime. My fellow photographers thought I was crazy. I mean, they were ugly power poles!

I loved them trailing off in the distance, but I wanted a row of them that had more interest than just a line. Then these guys appeared through a snow storm. To me, it was like they each had a personality - that they had organised themselves in this fashion to reach a common goal.

Driving along with 80km/h winds, the bus going sideways, I shot this through the front window of the bus at 1/1500 sec to minimise any camera shake.


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