Parallel Lines Shark Bay

LOCATION: Useless Loop, Shark Bay, Western Australia

DATE: April 2017

LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Just 10 prints available World-Wide.


Saltworks would have to be one of the most exciting landscapes for me to photograph.

I joke with the people in my gallery that if I could, I would travel the world just photographing saltworks from the air! The stunning colours from these landscapes are to die for!

This artwork is from Useless Loop, a saltworks adjacent to Shark Bay in Western Australia. In April 2017, I was there to photograph the coastal waters of Shark Bay. But I couldn’t resist putting an hour aside to fly over Useless Loop.

Taking off close to sunset, the plane flew into the setting sun. Within 10 mins we’d reach our destination - the incredible blue tones from the salt ponds glowed in the late afternoon light. As I instructed the pilot to orbit over and over again, we effortlessly glided over the landscape. A calmness came over me and my photography became a zen-like moment.

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