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ONLINE WORKSHOP - LIGHT - 9 Key Lighting Techniques You Need to Take to your Next Shoot

DURATION - 1 hour 9 mins


Every wondered what it is about some landscape photographs that just so GOD DAMN GOOD?

It's not just good subject matter and good composition, it's stunning light!

In this workshop, I use over 100 examples to illustrate the importance of light in landscape photography.

I take you through the 9 Key Lighting Techniques you need to take to your next shoot that will turn your shots from being ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!




Here's some of the feedback from this workshop:

"Thanks Tom for the presentation on light. I'm currently studying photography so seeing examples of the different lighting situations in different locations was awesome. Cheers." Michelle, VIC

"Thanks Tom some brilliant images to inspire me to shoot more." Michael

"Brilliant presentation Tom. Thank you for sharing." Carolyn

"Inspirational, thanks Tom." Felicity

"Thanks Tom, loved it." Belinda

"Great images, and a nice escape to see the prettiness that Australia has to offer." Judy

"You have so many beautiful photos tucked away in your catalog Tom, thanks for sharing." Andrew

"Fantastic presentation Tom - thank you! Time to analyse my fav images!" Marg

"Fantastic workshop Tom. learnt a lot thanks." Lisa-Jane

"Thanks again Tom, very inspirational." Tim, VIC

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