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ONLINE WORKSHOP - Expert Processing Tips for Aerial Photographs using Lightroom (Lake Eyre, SA)

DURATION -  1 hour 13 minutes

If you're into Aerial Photography, this workshop is for YOU!

In September 2019 I took a group of keen Aerial Photographers to Lake Eyre, Australia's largest lake.

This FULLY INSTRUCTIONAL video shows you step-by-step my processing technique in polishing my RAW files to create stunning aerial prints.

Learn these KEY LIGHTROOM AERIAL PROCESSING techniques in a simple, easy-to-follow video:

- Learn correct Image Selection 

- Expert Cropping techniques

- The Importance of Rotating Images

- Lens Corrections Adjustments

- Various Colour Adjustments techniques

- The Power of Transformation Tools

- Stitching Panoramas

Plus a whole lot more!




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