ONLINE WORKSHOP - 13 Awesome Tips to have you Shooting like a Professional Landscape Photographer

DURATION - 1 hour 24mins

In this video I take you through 13 AWESOME TIPS that I know will help you in shooting more like a Professional Landscape Photographer.

From shooting using the Rule of Thirds, the correct use of Wide-Angle Lenses, and a heap of Compositional Tips, I'm sure you'll get lots from watching this presentation!




Here's what other said about this workshop:

"Thanks Tom...a great workshop...as usual. Love your images. Great tips...easy to understand. Once again thanks for your time." Sue

"You continually amaze with your willingness to share your knowledge in easy to understand language and followed up by wonderful examples." Nino

"Loved this, thanks so much for sharing these tips. They help so much and you’ve given me great ideas on what to do when you just can’t see the shot." Linda

"Thank you for all your tips, makes it so much more meaningful when you can see it with examples." Jane

"An awesome show full of awesome tips and of course the awesome..." Robyn

"Awesome tips Tom. Enjoyed the presentation." Terri

"Thanks Tom so many great tips and such inspirational photos." Margaret

"13 may be unlucky for some, but feeling pretty lucky to be able to use these tips. Awesome indeed Tom Putt, thanks." Emma

"Thank you so much Tom another amazing presentation. You are such a great teacher and an amazing photographer. I really do want to do you winter workshop!" Elaine

"Thanks Tom, wonderful presentation and each point well explained and demonstrated." Anne-Marie

"Thank you so informative. Brilliant!" Caroline

"Wonderful! Thank you so much Tom Putt! Love your presentations - really appreciate your time and effort.🙏" Marg

"Some brilliant tips plenty to think about when getting that perfect shot." Michael

"Great Presentation. Thank you!" Lynne

"Fantastic presentation Tom." Ronda

"Fantastic tips Tom, thank you so much." Jan

"SO informative, Thanks Tom." Kerry

"That was great very informative! Thank you!" Jenny

"Such good info. thanks Tom Putt." Kerry

"Thanks Tom that was fabulous." Denise

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