ONLINE PRESENTATION - Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, South Australia (PART A)

DURATION - 1 hour 25mins

Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre is Australia's largest lake. Stuck in the middle of the desert, it's a landscape that continues to fascinate Australian Landscape Photographer.

In this presentation, I share with you my seven journeys to the lake in the past three years, flying over 60 hours for aerial photography and feeling drunk almost every step of the way!

Come with me and be amazed at the incredible image this landscape has to offer!


Tom Putt 

PS. My internet had a meltdown towards the end of the presentation and it ends abruptly. SORRY! Please CLICK HERE to download the final 10 mins of this presentation, finishing off the Lightroom processing.


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"Thanks again for a top notch presentation Tom. Definitely want to join you on one of these in the not too distant future." Carolyn 

"Thanks Tom Putt for this presentation. You were right, your presentation was way better than Master Chef." Anthony

"Enjoyed tonight immensely. Yet another awesome area of Australia, thanks so much for taking this time to showcase it, and make these broadcasts an iso week highlight. Incredible shots & another spot for the bucket list." Linda

"Thank you for another great and informative presentation Tom." Nino

"Thanks Tom another fabulous presentation." Vicki

"Thank you so much, Tom ! Thanks for the processing advice, it makes so much sense...Good night everyone!" Francoise

"As always entertaining and informative. Thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge with us all Tom." Fiona

"Fabulous Tom, another great presentation, your work is so inspiring." Denise

"Another great presentation tonight Tom, thank you for sharing." Vanessa

"Thanks Tom. Amazing presentation!" Dianne.

"Thanks Tom. Great to see the trips you do and the images are wonderful. Thanks again." Paul

"Excellent images Tom I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation." Val

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