Into the Blue

LOCATION: Shark Bay, Western Australia

DATE: April 2017

LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Just 10 prints available World-Wide.

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I had longed for many years to photograph the west coast of Australia. It was one of those places that had alluded me, despite having travelled to Perth many times.

In 2017 I planned a special adventure up the coast towards Karijini in the Pilbara where I was running a photographic workshop. Shark Bay was on my list of places to photograph.

Many months in advance I started my research – where to photograph, the best times of day, and where to hire a plane to photograph the aerial images I longed to capture.

Finally, the day arrived and I remember feeling very nervous. With all the months of planning, would my dreams finally come true or would I be disappointed?

With my camera in hand, battery fully charged and memory cards empty, the wind rushed through my hair and my heart pounded out of my chest as the little Cesna 172 light plane I’d chartered took off from the tiny runway at Denham, Western Australia.

Timing was important – if I left too early in the day the light would reflect off the turquoise blue waters of Shark Bay and wouldn’t see its colour. Too late and the orange glow of sunset would be all I see.

Taking off at 10am was the time I set. I flew over the stunning blue waters of Shark Bay for hours, camera clicking at every opportunity I saw for a stunning aerial photograph.

It was an incredible experience. The stunning beauty of this region has lived fond in my memory since that time. So much so, I have travelled back here to shoot aerials many times since.

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