Glacial Shadows

LOCATION: Southern Alps, New Zealand

DATE: August 2019

LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Just 10 prints available World-Wide.


Since I first visited New Zealand in 2001, I’ve longed to photograph the Southern Alps. I saw a photo taken by expert photographer Andris Apse that caught my eye. The white, snow-capped mountains of the Southern Alps bathed in pink light from the setting sun. I wanted to witness this for myself.

In August 2019 I was leading a photographic workshop on the South Island. The weather had been hit and miss all week and I wasn’t confident that we would get the opportunity to fly. However, close to our final day of the workshop, we waited patiently all day for the weather to clear.

Fortunately the experienced pilot knew a way through the cloud and assured us that the views would be spectacular. I remember the nervous anticipation I felt as we took off. Would it all come together as I’d hoped?

As we punched through the clouds, the scene was breathtaking. There they were. These incredible, snow-capped peaks that stretched for miles.

For the next hour, we photographed them from every angle. As the sun set, the mountains turned pink. I stopped photographing for a brief moment - I wanted to remember what it was like to see this incredible phenomenon.

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