Fish Hole Creek - West MacDonnell Ranges, NT

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In my previous life as a sports photographer, I longed to shoot more landscapes.

So when I left that career after 3 years, I booked a two week trip to the Red Centre to indulge in my landscape photography. One of my trips involved walking parts of the newly opened Larapinta Trail, a 224 kms walk from one end of the West MacDonnell Ranges to the other, starting at Alice Springs.

The first night I camped at a place called Fish Hole. Being out in the middle of nowhere on my own has never been much to my liking, however I set up camp on the dry creek bed and took some photographs nearby before sunset.

About 2am, natured called. So I got up in my birthday suit (there was no one around!!!) and stood there letting nature take its course. Not already self-conscious enough being naked as well as in the middle of now here in the pitch black, suddenly I can see my shadow on the ground. A bright, like a helicopter hovering above me with an intense, high-powered spot light was on me!

What had I done?? Who was coming to get me? Was it aliens???

I looked up immediately to see a fast-moving, bright asteroid plummeting towards the ground, seemingly only a few hundred metres away. Just before hitting the ground, it burnt up, extinguishing the light and leaving me in darkness once more. This all happened in the blink of an eye.

Hardly comprehending what had occurred, and with my heart beating out of my chest, I raced back to the safety of my sleeping bag and lay there motionless, reflecting on what I’d just seen.


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