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ONLINE WORKSHOP - A Beginner's Guide to Shooting with Drones

DURATION - 53mins

In this workshop I take you through the beginner's steps in shooting with drones, from both a VIDEO and STILLS point of view.

I take you through the NINE different video shooting techniques to bare in mind when out there droning. All using examples from Lake Baikal, Russia.

I also show you some recent STILLS work I've been doing for a new book project.

There's also two short movie videos showing you the finished drone video products that I've edited myself using Lightroom.

I hope you enjoy it!

Cheers Tom Putt.


Here's what others had to say about this workshop:

"Another fabulous and informative presentation. Thanks Tom!" Ronda

"Music works really well with the video accentuating mood and the natural beauty; what a great finale - thank you for your generosity & inspiration." Tony

"Thanks Tom. appreciate the work you do for the Photographic community 👍👍👍" Drew

"Beautiful footage, particularly the Russian stuff. Music just fits so well. Thanks so much, now I want to go and get a drone!!!!." Linda

"Thank you for that presentation, Tom. I really enjoyed it." Robyn

"Great session again Tom, makes me want to go get a drone!" Chris

"I want a drone!! 😀 Loved the presentation Tom." Dianne

"Thanks Tom, great presentation!" Anne-Marie

"Magical images, Tom! Thank you 😊" Suzanne

"Thanks Tom... always great to see your presentations..." JP

"Thanks Tom, once again fantastic presentation." Dennis

"Thanks Tom, another great presentation." Vanessa 

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