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Create some Mood with Storm Artwork

Create some Mood with Storm Artwork

Karjini Road, The Pilbara, WA


The stunning skies during stormy weather are a sight to behold, loved by artists and photographers alike. Storm artwork and photos allow us to experience the beauty of this weather and view the striking landscape it creates. With storm photo artwork, you get to add the beauty of dark clouds rolling over still landscapes to your home. But these photographs are a lot more than just gorgeous additions on the wall.


Photos and paintings of storms depict a dynamic environment that changes by the second. Images that capture this dynamism in the environment extend it to interiors and recreates the feeling. The energetic nature of storm artwork and photo prints make them incredible backgrounds for lively households. Capture a photo of your dog jumping off the couch or children running across the room with a storm artwork in the background. The dynamism of the photo will perfectly complement the flurry of activity around it.


The sounds of rain and thunder during stormy weather have been shown to make us feel safe. The feeling of being indoors, snug and warm under the covers or by a blazing fire while it’s pouring outside is unparalleled. This is also the logic behind thunder therapy, where sounds of thunder and rain are used to reduce anxiety and create a feeling of safety. 

You can use this effect to your benefit by creating your own safe nook complete with storm images. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, make yourself a hot chocolate and nestle under a weighted blanket while you wait for the storm to pass. This calming effect of storms can also be put to use in the bedroom to help you fall asleep. Don’t forget to add thunder sleep music and sounds to complete the effect!

Whenever you feel down, a storm photograph can be your reminder that like storms, everything eventually will pass. Look at the image during tough times to encourage and motivate yourself. Storms are a symbol of transition; a representation of new things to come. Adding a print of it to your wall can help you ride out the storm, and inspire you to enjoy even the toughest of moments. 


A storm artwork is the perfect accessory for a dramatic interior design. It shows a thrilling natural scene that can be used to set the mood in a room. Storm photo prints have deep colours that pair well with dramatic interior styles. These interiors generally combine multiple styles and colours to create an extraordinary look, which is accented by images of storms. 

Storm images are powerful and commanding, and can lend the perfect mood to bold interiors. Display a storm artwork in your entryway to set the scene. These images look even better in rooms with dark colour schemes. Add this to a black, dark brown, or even a deep red wall to make the print stand out and create a magnificent setting.

Storm photographs capture an atypical moment in nature. Being scenes of constant change, no two storm photos are the same, making these images unique. Bringing a storm artwork home allows you to look at a specific moment in time when the weather created this scene - a moment like no other. 

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