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The Power of Black & White Photography for your walls

The Power of Black & White Photography for your walls

Calm, Portsea, Mornington Peninsula


The human eye can see millions of colours, and yet nothing captures our imagination more than black and white. Black and white photos are evergreen, with their popularity constantly on the rise. What makes them so special? A lot of things, as it turns out! Read on to find out what makes monochrome images so unique. 

1. MOOD 

Black and white photographs are powerful and evocative, with the ability to draw a strong reaction. Looking at a black and white photo of a waterfall, you’d be awestruck by the thunderous fall of water. By removing colour from the scenery, the stark contrast of white water against dark backgrounds is able to create a stronger image and focus on the most important parts. 

Monochrome photos are able to communicate stories and emotions. This makes black and white photographs a great choice if you’re looking for something that is visually moving.

Lighthouse Storm, Cape Otway, Great Ocean Road, Victoria.


The beauty of a black and white artwork lies in its simplicity. Using just grayscale, these images paint a rich scene.

This minimalist beauty of black and white art prints makes them well suited to modern interior styles. They complement all colour schemes, and look particularly great with neutral colours used commonly in minimalist and contemporary interiors. Even in colourful modern interiors, black and white prints act as a grounding force, balancing out the look.

Standing Firm, Snowy Mountains, NSW


Black and white photographs are able to communicate abstract concepts better. They show a different way to look at the world around you by playing with light and darkness. This makes these photos an expressive art form in itself. 

Rather than recreating a scene, these photographs convey a concept and a feeling. The grayscale removes distracting elements and makes the image stronger. They let you feel the spectrum of emotions from stillness to wonderment by just looking at the print. 

Lake Te Anau Jetty, New Zealand


Be it a mysterious vibe or a sophisticated style, black and white prints span a wide range. They are versatile and adapt to any mood you want to create.

Have a stylish home office? Make it magazine-cover worthy with black and white artwork. A peaceful bedroom? Adding a simple monochrome image can make you feel calm and serene. Whether your living room is retro style or elegant, bringing in a grayscale photo can tie the look together. 

Ragging Waterfall, Milford Sound, NZL


There is no better example of ‘less is more’ than monochrome photography. By reducing the elements capturing your attention, these prints deliver a bigger impact in your home.

A black and white print of a rocky landscape will draw your eye towards the shapes and textures of the rocks, making the landscape feel almost sculptural. Similarly, a coast in grayscale appears more calming to the eye. To make the most of this effect, put up a large print of your favourite black and white photo, and you’ll be amazed by its impact on the space.

Do you like the idea of Black and White Artwork for your walls? 

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