The Colour Blue - Artwork for your Walls

September 10, 2021

The Colour Blue - Artwork for your Walls

Ruined Jetty, Glenorchy, New Zealand

Across different countries and cultures, one thing that connects a vast majority of people is their favourite colour. As it turns out, blue is the most popular colour in the world, and has been for decades. Varying shades of blue from teal to turquoise to classic blue have found fame and love, triumphing over changing styles and tastes. 

With a wide appeal, blue artwork and photos are well suited to interiors. It is one of the colours that charm families with varied tastes.


In 2016, two colours were chosen for the Pantone colour of the year -  rose quartz and serenity blue. The cool blue shade was chosen for evoking a peaceful feel - which is an apt description of the calming power of blue.

Blue is considered to be a colour that represents nature and promotes healing. In Feng Shui, blue is the colour of water, and symbolises wisdom and peace. The colour brings to mind images of beautiful skies and calm seas. It is ideal for a calming bedroom, living room, or a child’s room. Photo prints in blue often show brilliant scenes of nature. These prints can function as soothing sights that reduce anxiety and stress, putting to work the calming effects of both nature and the colour blue. 

Endless Mountain Ranges, Victorian High Country



Deep shades of blue create a sense of stability and reliability, making them a popular choice for logo colours. Dark blue is used by interior designers for a similar effect, particularly in commercial settings. These shades of blue communicate professionalism while lending an elegant look to the room. 

A deep blue print in the home office can make the space look professional. Use a large photo print as the backdrop to your video calls, and accessorize it further by repeating shades of blue in decor. 


Derelict Jetty, Flinders

Unleash your creativity with blue prints and artwork in your home. Along with helping reduce stress and anxiety, the colour blue can make you feel more inspired and productive. To make use of this, look for nature prints in multiple shades of blue. Images of nature are inspiring and refreshing to the mind. Photos of waterfalls and waves are the best choice for inspiration while working, as they have an energetic ambience and varying shades of blue. 


Aeros racing off Mount Martha, Mornington Peninsula

One of the reasons for the popularity of blue is its versatility. The colour easily adapts to any room and mood. A deep blue artwork looks equally at home in a modern living room or a farmhouse style bedroom. 

Blue also complements a variety of interior colours. It can be used as a contrasting accent with whites, reds, or yellows. Combine a photo print in blue with green walls or decor to lend a natural feel to the room. Add blue shades to colour schemes in black and grey for more depth. The options are endless!

Lake Argyle from above, The Kimberley, WA.


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