White Wall Art Ideas for your home

November 20, 2021

White Wall Art Ideas for your home

White is the colour of peace and calm. The colour is very popular in interiors as it can brighten up rooms and make them look open and welcoming. As a neutral colour, white complements every other colour, making white photo prints easy to use anywhere. Here are some creative ways to make use of white artwork in your home:

Contrast with a colourful wall

One of the best ways to display white artwork is by putting it up against a colourful wall. It can be a wall painted in solid blue or one with patterned wallpaper. The contrast of the colours and patterns make them look dramatic in the interior. White photo prints also balance out deep colours, making them a good choice for rooms with dark wall colours. The prints open up the space and add a touch of lightness to the room. 

Part of a gallery wall display

Use a white artwork or two to make your gallery wall more interesting. White photo prints can act as a link between distinct art styles, keeping them from clashing with each other. This can make the gallery wall displays more cohesive and pleasing to the eye. You can also colour coordinate your gallery wall around a white artwork to make your wall decor look more striking. 

Add it above a furniture piece

Draw attention to your furniture pieces by hanging a white artwork above them. This works particularly well with vintage and wooden furniture pieces like dark wood dressers and console tables. Dress up the tables with white photo prints along with lamps and a few other pieces of decor. Don’t forget to add a small rug to tie the look together!

Make it statement art 

Modern art has shown us that large swathes of paint on canvases make for incredible works of art. Use this to your benefit at home by hanging up an oversized white photo print in your living room. It can be a picture of a frozen lake, a snow-covered mountain, or a building in white. The artwork turns into a statement piece in the room and can provide a moment of quiet introspection and calmness. 

Put it up next to plants

Houseplants and white artwork are a match made in heaven. The colourful foliage of plants set against a white artwork looks beautifully well balanced. Put up a white photo print on your bedroom wall next to a large fiddle leaf fig or monstera plant to create a peaceful look. Or you can turn an empty corner into a cozy space with an armchair, lots of plants, and a white photo print, for a relaxing space that helps you de-stress.

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