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Pretty in Pink: Decorate Your Home With Pink Artwork

Pretty in Pink: Decorate Your Home With Pink Artwork

There are few colours as versatile as pink. Associated most often with love, femininity and a feeling of calm, the colour pink has become a staple in art and design. At the height of its popularity in the 18th century, pink was used to emphasise opulence, tenderness and innocence. Today, the colour takes on a lot more roles. Shades of pink are used in marketing for their vibrance and ability to convey a sense of softness. In the interiors of residences, restaurants, spas, and clinics, pink becomes a gentle shade that imparts a relaxing vibe. 

Pink artwork and photographs are immensely popular as they easily fit into different settings, helping create the perfect ambience. Read on for some great ways to make pink work for you!


Pink is known to be a stimulating colour, and is perfect for workspaces, classrooms, libraries, and reading nooks. Abstract art or photographs that prominently feature pink shades are wonderful additions to spaces where thinking and creativity need a little boost. A few articles in pink on an otherwise neutral desk can be enough to keep your creative juices flowing all day.



Studies have established strong links between light shades of pink and feelings of safety, calm, and tranquillity. This ability makes the colour ideal for lounges, living rooms, and bedrooms. Photographs of pink landscapes, water bodies at dawn or dusk, and even some varieties of pink plants and trees can help make a space feel calm and conducive for rest and relaxation. Add a pink photo print to your bedroom to help you fall asleep with ease after a long day of work. 



The colour pink has the ability to make spaces and furnishings look plush, exclusive, and opulent. This has led to pink being increasingly associated with luxury. The colour is often used in the media to portray glamour and celebrity. 

Give your interiors a touch of elegance and luxury with some decor in pink. Consider pink artwork and photographs displayed prominently, serving as focal points and conversation starters. You can also opt for a large artwork in pink and combine it with accessories and furnishings in varying shades of pink in the room. 


When combined with other colours, pink can add elegance and sophistication to a space. Combinations of pink with black, shiny brass, and light wood shades and textures are a fantastic way to make a space look refined, yet warm and welcoming. Even artwork or photographs featuring pink can be showcased perfectly with these colour combinations, allowing them to enhance the look and feel of a space instantaneously.

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