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5 Ways to Display a Square Artwork 

5 Ways to Display a Square Artwork 

If you like the look of the tiled Instagram layout or Polaroid pictures, you’ll love square photo prints. These perfectly sized art prints are versatile and look good in any space, large or small. Square photos are great for decorating small and irregular walls, but they are not limited to them. Read on to find out how to display a square artwork. 

Make it part of an accent wall

An accent wall is an easy way to add bold design elements to a room without overpowering it. It involves using a different colour, wallpaper, or texture to just one wall to highlight it. A square artwork fits perfectly well into an accent wall, and looks even better when it matches the colour scheme. The photo print helps decorate the wall and add more layers to the colour scheme. Imagine a blue accent wall with a square print of a seascape!  

Lean it on a console table

Console tables are thin tables that take up minimal space in an entry or hallway. Add a square photo print to a console table to decorate a narrow space. Square prints add just the right amount of contrast to a long console table, making it appear well balanced in size. Rest the print on the table or hang it just above to add a splash of colour to your hallway. You can pair the square artwork with a smaller art piece, or decorate the table with plants, vases, candles, and lamps. 

Decorate a mantel

Square prints are ideal for decorating fireplace mantel shelves. A square artwork repeats the shape of the fireplace, making the wall design look more pleasing to the eye. As mantel shelves are often at eye level, the picture draws more attention in a room. Add contrast to the dark colours of the fireplace by putting up a light coloured artwork above it. Pictures of snow, sand, and sky create an airy feel in the space. Light-toned photographs also make it easier to decorate the mantel shelf with colourful accessories around the year. 

Hang it above a small sofa

Looking to decorate the wall above a small sofa? A square artwork is the best choice here, as it makes the sofa look much larger than it is! A square print keeps with the scale of small sofas and love seats, and even looks great next to armchairs. Look for a photo print that matches well with the living room rug for the best effect. 

Tile it 

If you’re looking to cover a large wall or create something unique, consider using multiple square prints. Square prints are perfect for combining in pairs of twos, threes, and even tiling. Four square prints can be used together to create a larger square artwork. Do make sure to use pieces in similar colours or themes to make them look good. Similarly, a long hallway or dining room wall can be decorated with two or three square art prints side by side.

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