Welcome to the Jungle: 7 Rainforest Art Print Ideas

Welcome to the Jungle: 7 Rainforest Art Print Ideas

1. Play up the greenery

Nothing accents indoor plants like more plants! Use a rainforest art print to make your room feel lush and green, even if it contains just a plant or two. The deep green shades in the print add to the existing colour scheme, and can help visually balance a room with plants on just one side.


2. Contrast sharp lines

Most modern furniture pieces feature sleek, rectangular shapes with straight lines. While these pieces work well in rooms both great and small, one too many of them can make a room feel cold and stark. Rather, contrast the look of these pieces with a rainforest artwork. The organic, curved shapes in the artwork will soften the look of the room and make it feel more comfortable.


3. Dress up a neutral room

A rainforest artwork is a perfect accessory for an interior in neutral colours. It adds a bright pop to the room, and works well with colours like off white, soft brown, and light grey. Try an oversized rainforest print for a bigger impact in a neutral room.


4. Create an interesting colour scheme

Rainforest art prints are not just for neutral spaces, of course! You can use it to accent and add depth to a room in shades of red. The art print can also be used to bring a colourful contrast to a room with yellow furnishings. Hang up a rainforest photo print in a blue interior for a vivid look that feels refreshing.


5. Decorate a bohemian interior

Embrace the rainforest with bohemian style. The bohemian style is known for its colourful prints and patterns, along with the love for plants. Rainforest prints have natural, asymmetric forms that are highly valued in the style, and make for a great piece of decor in these interiors.


6. Give a fresh look to your home office

Home offices don't have to be boring and cold spaces. Turn your home office into a fun spot to work in with colourful furniture and interesting decor. Bring in a colourful armchair or office chair, add a patterned rug, a quirky lamp and vivid artwork to make your office stand out. A rainforest photo print on the wall can be a great addition to a home office, offering a beautiful sight to refresh your eyes in between.


7. Create a spa-like bathroom

Make your bathroom feel like a mini spa with the addition of a plant or rainforest print. Combine it with items like a wicker basket, vases, and elegant soap dispensers to elevate the look of your bathroom and give it a relaxing vibe.

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