Create a Serene Home with Calming Artwork

Create a Serene Home with Calming Artwork

If home is where your heart is, then creating a serene home is the best way to calm your mind. Turn your home into a place that helps you feel relaxed - a place you look forward to being in everyday. An inviting and comfortable home reduces stress levels and makes it easier to feel at peace. Try out some of these tips to create a calming home with the right decor and accessories. 

Choose a calming colour palette

The colour palette of an interior determines the mood of the space. Opt for a colour palette that makes you feel calm and collected at home. Light, neutral colours are a good starting point as these make the rooms feel airy and bright. Add your favourite colours to this or layer with more light colours to add depth. An artwork or photo print of a snowy landscape, for example, can be used to add complexity and depth to a room in neutrals. 

Focus on nature

Harness the calming power of nature by incorporating natural elements into your home. Make a green corner with houseplants, create a mini zen garden, and add photos of beautiful landscapes to your walls. Artwork of waterfalls, misty mountains, and snowy landscapes create a relaxed atmosphere and help you think clearly. Turn a large artwork into a focus piece, or use it as a substitute for a window with uninteresting views. You can even combine multiple pieces to tell a story and create a unique design inspired by nature. Don’t forget to add some calming, natural scents to complete the experience.

Light up the space

Part of the calming effect of being out in nature is the exposure to natural light. Welcome natural light into your home with large windows and light furnishings. Add soft white lighting to make up for lack of sunlight and make your home feel cosy in the evening. Add accent lights to highlight artwork and decor at night, and use task lighting in areas like the kitchen and study. A combination of different kinds of lighting makes your body feel at ease in the space throughout and keeps you comfortable and relaxed at home. 


Add some warmth

Cool colours, lighting, and minimal furniture and decor can make a space appear cold and dreary. Give your interiors a touch of warmth through natural decor and artwork. Look for accessories like woven baskets, jute rugs, and plants to add textures and warmth. Layer paintings, rugs, and cushions, and combine it with soft lighting for the best effect.

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