5 Scenic Spots on the Great Ocean Road

5 Scenic Spots on the Great Ocean Road

Pay tribute to Australia’s nature and history with a photo print of the Great Ocean Road. Built as a monument to soldiers from World War I, the Great Ocean Road is the world's largest war memorial, and stretches across some of the most scenic views in the region. Take a long drive to enjoy the picturesque views here, or get yourself an art print of your favourite spots! Here are 5 scenic spots you can expect to find on the Great Ocean Road:

Hopetoun Falls

The Hopetoun Falls are a waterfall artwork come to life. The plunging waterfall creates a brilliant white curtain of water over the rocks before making its way through a lush green rainforest landscape. The sight of the waterfall and the Aire river flowing through ferns and mossy pebbles is truly refreshing, and is a popular photograph in interiors and postcards.  

12 Apostles

Standing tall on the Great Ocean Road are seven limestone stacks (originally nine), carved out the surrounding cliffs by the waves and the wind. Known as the twelve apostles, these columns form an impressive sight on the rugged coastline. The varying bands of colour on the limestone stand in deep contrast against the brilliant blue of the ocean. Visit it at the right time, and you’ll find a sea mist enveloping the stacks as they are lit up by the soft glow of the sun, offering some of the best views of this iconic spot. 


The Redwoods Otways

At the Otways in Victoria, you’ll come across a magnificent spectacle you’ll least expect - a forest of California redwood trees. Known as the tallest trees in the world, these sequoias are still in their youth. Planted by foresters as an experiment in 1936, the trees reach up to the sky with heights of 60m. A walk among these monumental trees will leave you marvelling at the wonders of nature. 

Cape Otway Lighthouse

Cape Otway Lighthouse stands on the Shipwreck Coast, the name indicating the important role of the lighthouse during its heyday. Today, the lighthouse is a place to learn about history and enjoy whale watching. The splendid white tower is also a viewpoint in itself, standing tall against the brilliant landscape around it. 

Apollo Bay

The town of Apollo Bay is a popular tourist destination on the Great Ocean Road. Here you can find beautiful beaches and picturesque rolling hills overlooking the countryside. The panoramic views of the town make it a popular photo print in homes, and an even better vacation spot. 

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