5 Ways to Decorate with Yellow

5 Ways to Decorate with Yellow

Bright and sunny, yellow is the colour of happiness and optimism. It is used in interiors to create warm and joyful spaces. This positive effect of the colour is why Illuminating Yellow was paired with Ultimate Grey for Pantone Colour of the Year in 2021. At times when things get grey, a bit of yellow can be just what you need. 

As interior trends are moving towards happy spaces with personality, yellow is finding itself in the limelight once again. A strong colour that can brighten any room, the key to getting it right is using it in small quantities. Here are some of the best ways to add yellow to your interiors.


Adding yellow artwork to the walls is one of the simplest ways to brighten up a room. Pick from Van Gogh art prints to photos of spring flowers in South Australia to dress up your walls. These art prints showcase the varying shades of yellow, making the room look interesting and well balanced.   


Easy to switch up anytime, accessories and decor are an easy way to bring the warmth of yellow into a space. A yellow planter with bright green plants will look great in a living room or kitchen. A deep yellow cushion can be used to accent a room in shades of red, while a dark room can be given a touch of brightness with a decorative yellow mirror. In a small room, fresh flowers or lemon yellow coasters are all you need for a vibrant look. 


Turn your walls into a work of art with a beautifully patterned wallpaper in yellow. Florals and botanical prints in shades of yellow add character to a bedroom or study, while a geometric patterned wallpaper can give your entryway a fresh look. Hand-painted wallpapers look amazing on the ceiling, and give the room an elegant look. 


Give your room a bold look with a yellow chair or couch. Amber yellow couches and ottomans can lend a sunny look to a small room and make it feel brighter. In a dining or study, a single chair in yellow looks striking while creating a fun atmosphere. These pieces look equally good in a colourful home or a muted Scandinavian style room.


A yellow lamp is a perfect accessory to add warmth to a room. The colour of the lampshade becomes more intense when lit up, turning into an easily adjustable decor piece in the room. A single yellow lamp helps the colour stand out in the room, while two can be used for a more balanced look. 

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