Unwind with artwork from the Beach

Unwind with artwork from the Beach

There’s no better feeling than relaxing by the beach on a hot summer's day. Listening to the soothing sound of waves while watching the ocean is an experience of true bliss - one that most Australians are familiar with.

The tranquil effect of the beach is attributed to many factors, ranging from the salty breeze to the sounds of the waves. According to the Blue Mind concept, simply being near water helps our brain rest and fall into a light meditative state, while others connect it with the calming effect of blue. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that being near a beach helps us unwind.

The calming effect of the ocean makes beach artwork one of the most popular choices for interiors. Coastal paintings and photographs are well-loved in all interior spaces, and can be a simple way to add a splash of blue. Read on to find out how to use beach artwork in different interior styles. 

Coastal style 

Make every day a beach holiday with a coastal interior style. A coastal style home is casual yet chic, with a colour scheme centred around white, blue, and brown. Materials like light wood, jute, and wicker are used to create a natural feel in this style, combined with comfortable, modern furniture pieces that ground the look. 

A beach artwork is never out of place in a coastal home. An aerial beach view is perfect for living or dining rooms, while beach huts make for a cheerful addition in kitchens. Photos of misty seas and the surf work well in bathrooms, while images of calm seas, beach sunsets and gentle waves are the best artwork for coastal bedrooms.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is all about creating cosy and comfortable spaces indoors. Simple bright interiors with neutral and light colours are a characteristic of this style. Wooden furniture with clean lines and fabrics like wool add warmth to Scandinavian interiors, along with plants and select decor pieces.

Scandi style loves art, and the light colours and calm aesthetic of beach photographs make it a perfect match. Lean a large vertical painting against a wall, or display it in the living room here. For a truly Nordic touch, look for coastal themed photos from Faroes Islands and Iceland. 

Contemporary Style

Contemporary interior style looks different in every home. This style merges beautiful handcrafted pieces with modern pieces in large, bright spaces. Neutral colour schemes dominate the contemporary palette, with pops of bold and bright colours accenting the spaces.

A key concept of contemporary interiors is the connection between the indoors and outdoors. This is made possible through well lit, open spaces, indoor plants, and artwork featuring scenes from nature. Beach paintings and photographs fit right in with this concept, and make an appearance in many contemporary homes. Use it in balconies for a relaxing ambience, or in the study for a zen atmosphere.

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