6 Tips for Displaying Vertical Artwork

6 Tips for Displaying Vertical Artwork

Do you know how to display a vertical artwork in your home? Vertical images are tall and narrow, and showcase much more of the background than photos in other orientations. This results in some unique views - like the entirety of waterfalls, trees, and even mountains. Here are 6 tips to bring out the uniqueness of these views and display them at their best.

Make it a feature

The easiest way to display a vertical artwork is to make it a feature. You can do this by hanging it above a sofa, a bed, or a fireplace - spots where a vertical artwork stands out on its own. Large photo prints work best as vertical features, matching the scale of the furniture. Photos with unique perspectives, colours, and details make for distinct artworks that thrive as features.


Two’s company

What’s better than one vertical print? Two, of course! Using two vertical prints, you can create a symmetrical display in any room. Hang one on each side of the bed or a large desk, on either sides of a bookshelf, or a door. You can even display similar pieces right next to each other. Symmetrical displays look balanced, and can be a part of any room.


Add some lighting

Let your artwork shine with some lighting. Lighting up an artwork makes the colours appear brighter and lets you enjoy its beauty throughout the day. Try a picture light to light up feature displays. Picture lights come in a range of sizes and designs, and can light paintings evenly. Another option is to hang vertical photos above (or below) wall sconces to decorate the space while lighting up the artwork. You can also use spotlights to highlight art pieces in a room.


Contrast with a wallpaper

Make your vertical artwork more interesting by contrasting it with wallpaper. Hang a picture of the snow gum trees against a wallpaper in deep blue or grey to make it stand out, or put it up with an abstract black and white wallpaper for a whimsical look. A photo of the painted hills will look magical against the background of a simple grey wallpaper with a watercolour effect.

Hang it up in unusual spaces

Vertical photos lend themselves well to decorating empty spots around the house. Hang it up in an alcove, or use it to decorate the end of the hallway. Add a vertical artwork to your bathroom or under the stairs, in a small entryway, behind a door, or even on a window to cover up a less than ideal view. These photos beautify dead spaces in your interiors and make them come alive.


Set it down

Give your interiors a casual yet chic look by leaning the artwork against a wall. Vertical photos are perfect for leaning, and can be set on the floor or on top of a console. Add books or plants to decorate the painting on the floor and hold it in place. A leaning artwork on a console can be combined with a smaller painting, a vase, or a mix of accessories.

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