4 Ways to Display Jetty Photo Prints

4 Ways to Display Jetty Photo Prints

Jetty art prints are the perfect mix of architectural and landscape views. The image of a wooden structure stretching out into the sea is an oddly beautiful and poetic sight. Jetty photo prints range from monochrome scenes of solitude to images of summer cheer and everything in between. Whatever the choice you make, here are 4 interesting ways to display a jetty art print.

Make it a Diptych

Turn a jetty photo print into a diptych to double your joy. Diptychs split an artwork into two panels for a continuous story. These multi-panelled prints are popular in living and dining rooms. Display them above a large dining table or fireplace, or make them a focal point above your sofa. Alternatively, you can choose two complementing jetty art pieces to create a story of your own! This can be a sunrise and a sunset, or any two images that enhance each other, like Randomness and Ancient Sticks

Oversize it

Make a big impression with an oversized jetty artwork in your home. A large print of blue waters and foggy skies around an empty pier can create a peaceful scene in a library. Working as a calming and beautiful accessory in the room, it can provide the perfect reading background. You can also display a large jetty artwork at the end of a hallway or in a small room with sparse decor to dictate the tone of the space. The serene blues of a jetty photograph can make the space feel larger while doubling as an attractive artwork in the space.

Combine it with Decor

Artwork and accessories are both great options for decorating a wall. But why choose one when you can opt for both?

Display a colourful jetty art print alongside wall baskets to dress up your walls. Brown wall baskets pair well with the hues in art prints of wooden jetties, creating a cohesive look. You can also combine black baskets with black and white prints for a classic look. Wall planters in a variety of styles and designs can be used to create a bright look in the room alongside artwork and photographs. A decorative mirror or two can be used with a photo print for a simple and modern wall decor.

Create Contrast

Make your artwork stand out by contrasting it with your interior colour scheme. A picture of the sunset at the pier in shades of orange, pink, and violet can add contrast in a blue bedroom or living room. Similarly, an artwork of a stormy jetty will lend depth to a contemporary white interior scheme. Use images of blue-green jetties and piers to make a room in warm colours pop. 

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