Accent your Interiors with Lively Orange

Accent your Interiors with Lively Orange

Orange is a versatile colour with a natural and earthy appeal. It is associated with the colours of fall, tropical gardens, and sunsets, and adds warmth and cosiness to interiors. Depending on the shade, orange can take on a variety of roles. Bright shades of orange add energy and can draw attention much like bold reds. Lighter shades can create a happy atmosphere and are used as a mood booster in interior spaces. 

As a strong colour, orange works best in small splashes. Here are a few ideas to bring the charm and positivity of orange in interiors. 


The best way to add orange in a home is with artwork. Photographs in orange show beautiful scenes of nature and can be a way to make your home feel connected to the landscape. A picture of the leaves changing colour in autumn lets you enjoy fall all year round, while a photo of sunsets creates a calming atmosphere in the room. Put up an orange artwork to complement your kitchen, or to add a summery look to your bathroom. A photo of orange-blue hills looks spectacular in a living room or hallway, and can create a welcoming atmosphere at home.


Orange cushions and throws lend just the right amount of colour to an interior without taking over the space. Balance cushions in deep orange with neutral shades, or use a combination of pale orange and deeper shades. You can even opt for orange throws with fun patterns to brighten up a minimalistic room. Cushions and throws are customisable, making it a great choice for anyone with changing tastes and preferences. Add several cushions in orange for a brighter look, or keep just one or two around the room to add a bit of casual style. 


If a pop of orange is all you need, then a small furniture piece is the right choice for your home. A side table or a stool in orange stands out with ease in a living room or kitchen. Try this out in a black and white room for a bold look, or take a softer approach and combine an orange chair with light wood furniture. 


Brighten up your space with an orange lamp. A pendant lamp in orange can make your kitchen and dining area look warm and inviting, and turn it into the perfect place to spend more time with family. Consider a modern table or floor lamp in orange for the living room, and combine it with an orange artwork for the best effect. 

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