The Best of the Blue Mountains

The Best of the Blue Mountains

Head to the beautiful Blue Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site near Sydney to enjoy nature at its best. One of the most popular locations in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains region is divided into multiple national parks. Comprising mountains, waterfalls, canyons, caves, and rainforests, the area is the perfect place to experience the beauty and diversity of nature, all in one place.

Natural oils produced by the thousands of Eucalyptus and Gum trees in the region mix into the misty mountain air, causing the range to appear bluish when seen from afar; and that is how the range gets its name! The region is also known for its unique plants and wildlife, and is one of the best places to spot koalas, quolls, and waratahs - the bright red flower that is the NSW State Emblem.

Frequented by thousands of photographers every year, the Blue Mountains offer spectacular views of nature. Here are some of the best-known spots in the region for great photo opportunities!

Empress Falls

Empress Falls is a stunning waterfall in the Blue Mountains range, and is part of the Valley of Waters track, which is a hiking trail connecting 7 waterfalls in the Blue Mountains area. The horsetail shaped waterfall is an impressive sight, especially during the rainy season. The waterfall makes its way through a forested area to plunge into pristine pools of water, all of them making for wallpaper-worthy views. 


The Three Sisters

One of the most popular sights in the Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters are a rock formation known for their unique look. The giant sandstone structures were shaped by land erosion over millions of years, separating them into three distinct peaks named Meenhi, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo. The Three Sisters take on a brilliant orange hue at sunset, and turn into a magnificent sight against the backdrop of the blue mountains in the background. Photo prints of the Three Sisters are extremely popular, and serve as focal points in many Australian interiors.


Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock is a large sandstone cliff in the Blackheath area of the Blue Mountains National Park. The sheer cliff is covered with trees, and overlooks a beautiful forest. The projecting overhang looks incredible with banded erosion lines in sandstone accentuated by sunlight. It stands out against the dark green backdrop of tree covered hills, and is truly a sight to behold. 

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls are located in the eponymous town in the Katoomba area. It is the highest waterfall in the Blue Mountains region, and is known for its spectacular views. The three-tiered waterfall plunges nearly 187m into the valley, creating picturesque scenes from various lookout points. The magical view draws hundreds of tourists every year. Breathtaking photo prints of Wentworth Falls are often used to add interest and a touch of drama to interiors.

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