Ride the Wave with Surfing Artwork

Ride the Wave with Surfing Artwork

Australia is one of the biggest surfing destinations in the world, and surfing is an integral part of the lifestyle for millions of Australians. Not only is the sport incredibly fun, but also a great way to catch unique and stunning views of beaches and surrounding cliffs from out at sea. Whether you’re a surfer or not, there is no better way to show your appreciation for the beautiful beaches of Australia and the spirit of surfing than with surfing art prints. Here are some of the most popular surfing beaches that are often captured in print for their incredible waves and surf action.

Noosa Surfing Reserve

Within Noosa National Park in Queensland lies a world-class surfing reserve consisting of 5 point breaks. With surfing spots for beginners and pros alike, and a wealth of beautiful beaches to relax in, it is evident why Noosa is a popular tourist destination. Set in the national park, the location is also one of the most picturesque surfing spots in the country. Aerial photographs of the beautiful beaches in Noosa capture surfers, the brilliant turquoise waters, and the amazing scenery all around.  


Gunnamatta Beach in the Mornington Peninsula is an exposed beach known for high winds and waves, with consistent breaks that make for a great surfing experience. The powerful waves and rip currents make the beach unsuitable for swimmers, but offer the best beach breaks for seasoned surfers. Photo prints of Gunnamatta show surfers out at sea, surrounded by large waves.  

Sorrento Back Beach

The rock pools at Sorrento Back Beach are loved by swimmers, while the beautiful coastline, walking paths, and cafes make it a favourite with tourists to the Mornington Peninsula. Art prints of Sorrento Ocean Beach show the waves breaking and beautiful patterns in the water.

Pennington Bay

Pennington Bay in Kangaroo Island is popular for its stunning setting, offering surfers a beautiful view all around. Like much of Kangaroo Island, the powerful swells and rough waves make the bay best suited for experienced surfers. 

Shoreham Beach

Known as the Pines, the southern end of Shoreham beach is a popular spot for surfers in Victoria. The spot gets its name from the pine trees on the beach, which are part of the history of the area. The scenic spot is often crowded with surfers, and makes for beautiful photo prints for surfing enthusiasts.  

Portsea Surf Beach

Yet another beach loved by seasoned surfers, the Portsea beach has a wide surf zone with strong rips. While the rip currents, reefs, and rocks make it a spot best left to experienced surfers, the beach also offers a chance for striking photographs of surfers riding the waves.

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