Off the Wall with Abstract Art Prints

Off the Wall with Abstract Art Prints

Abstract art is quite unlike other types of artwork. It is ambiguous by design, without a clear theme or concept. It represents different things to different people, with no-one being right or wrong. Abstract art requires viewers to explore and place meaning to the piece entirely by themselves.

Yet, it is this ambiguity that makes it unique. A series of experiments on the effects of abstract art showed that they offer several benefits. According to the experiments, abstract art teaches our brain to look at objects and experiences in new ways and see the bigger picture. Viewing them also lets us experience an emotion and think about an imaginary place without getting lost in the minute details. 

Abstract photo prints capture unique views of nature, combining the benefits of nature prints with abstract art. Look for a picture that speaks to you and display it boldly to expand your imagination and add interest to an otherwise boring wall. Here are some of the best ways to style an abstract photograph.

Make it stand out

Choose an abstract artwork that contrasts with the room design, making it stand out in a space. The contrast can be accentuated through colour, patterns, or style. An abstract nature print in a traditional interior contrasts without clashing and is easy on the eye. A black and white print like ‘River Patterns’ adds depth to a colourful home. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and styles and introduce completely new colours into your interior. The best way to display an unconventional artwork is by being whimsical!

Complement your interior scheme

If you’re not looking to make a bold statement, an artwork that complements your interiors could be the right choice. Make your artwork blend into the room with a frame that matches your design scheme. A photo print with a raw oak frame will look good in a contemporary home with light wood furniture, while a metallic frame would be suitable for a home with art déco finishes.

It is also possible to make an abstract print blend into the room by decorating it with similar colours. Pick some colours from the photograph you’re putting up, and add a vase or tray in similar hues to balance out the artwork. 


Combine it with furniture 

Create a focal point by combining artwork with furniture pieces. An abstract photo print above a sofa or a console table can be used to draw attention to the setting. It is also a fun way to experiment with the overall setup. Consider how different furniture styles change the look of the artwork, and choose your favourite.


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