Desert Artwork for Every Mood

Desert Artwork for Every Mood

The word ‘desert’ brings to mind landscapes filled with sand dunes and camels to most. But there’s a lot more to deserts than just sandy dunes. What better way to explore these expansive vistas than through desert photographs. You’d be amazed by how varied desert landscapes can be, from the red dunes of the Australian Outback to the ochre views of the Painted Hills in the south. Here are some of the unique qualities that make desert artwork extraordinary.

Be inspired by ethereal desert scapes.

Deserts have an otherworldly appearance that makes many of them look like landscapes straight out of sci-fi. In fact, it is due to this very quality that deserts are a favoured setting in sci-fi movies. One look at the image of a sunrise over Uluru will make this abundantly clear. These ethereal scenes from the desert are inspiring and let your imagination run wild. Hang them up in the living room and watch guests be mesmerised, or gift it to the sci-fi lover among your friends. It even makes a fine addition to an office or studio, encouraging creativity and unconventional thinking patterns.


Get in touch with your spiritual self

The desert is closely related to several major religions and scriptures. Many monks have chosen to live in the desert to lead an ascetic life focused on prayer and meditation. Beyond the challenges of these arid lands, these terrains turn into places ideal for deep introspection and clarity of mind. They are associated with wisdom and the strength to deal with adversity. It goes on to show that despite the hostile conditions, nature and life find a way to coexist. Scenes from the desert work great in reading nooks and other relaxation spaces like lounges and meditation spots.


Set different tones in your room

Intensely hot during the day and freezing cold at night - deserts are the land of extremes. Photos of the Painted Hills and Uluru showcase this duality with shades of red and yellow against deep blues. But you don’t need to be a philosopher to appreciate the beauty of these changing dunes. Desert paintings and photos are well suited to rooms with varied functions. Add it to a studio apartment, or your bedroom/home office to see it adapt as you go about your day.


Energise your mind and body

Just like an oasis in the desert represents life itself, the image of an oasis can be refreshing to look at during the day. Add a desert oasis photograph to your coffee bar or break area to represent refreshment. Oasis photos are the perfect artwork for kitchen and dining rooms as well. Combine the reddish-green shades of an oasis with an herb garden in the kitchen, or with wooden furniture in the dining area.

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