5 Ways to Use a Lighthouse Photograph in Interiors

5 Ways to Use a Lighthouse Photograph in Interiors

Lighthouses have inspired artists forever. A luminous tower standing tall on rocky shores has been the subject of many paintings, including some by renowned American artist Edward Hopper. Lighthouses were one of Edward Hopper’s favourite subjects, and he painted over a dozen of them. Hopper’s paintings depicted lighthouses in different ways - some cheery and bright, overlooking calm, blue waters, and others more sombre, standing over dark hills. 

It is this adaptability that makes lighthouses a very popular art print. Lighthouse artwork and photos in varied styles are great for changing the ambience in a room. Read on to find out what makes lighthouse paintings and prints special, and how to display them in your house. 


Make story time more interesting with a picture of a lighthouse on your child’s wall. Stories of the sea are a frequent theme in children's stories, and a lighthouse photo print can help them visualise these scenes better. It lets their imagination wander as they explore magical seascapes and coasts. Add lights above the photo print to highlight it and make it work just like a lighthouse in the room. 


Lighthouses are often set among beautiful landscapes and make for striking decor in hallways and living rooms. Combine it with rustic wooden finishes for a coastal themed interior, or make it the highlight of a gallery wall. Lighthouse photo prints work well with abstract patterned wallpapers and painted walls. Create a captivating look by adding a lighthouse print on a wall with watercolour wallpaper or geometric prints, and watch as it elevates the look of your room!


A lighthouse is commonly used to represent perseverance and strength. It withstands stormy weather and functions as a guide for others in perilous conditions. Add a lighthouse photo print to your home office or study as a morale booster. It will motivate you when you’re dealing with challenges and inspire you at work. As a plus, the motivational image may also impress your colleagues, especially when they learn the reason behind the decor!


Emphasise the feeling of safety with a lighthouse artwork in your meditation space. Images of lighthouses on cliffs surrounded by calm seas can be particularly effective at making you feel at peace, while those with cloudy skies are better at encouraging you to find your way forward. 


Hang a lighthouse photograph in an empty corner of the living room or by a window in your home, and add a rug, an armchair or a few plants to create a calming corner. The tranquil ambience of the space will keep your mind at ease, and help you relax. The spot can be turned into a reading nook, or simply a space to lounge and unwind at the end of the day.

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