Expand your Horizons with Panoramic Artwork

Expand your Horizons with Panoramic Artwork

Do you have an empty wall in your home waiting for an inspired touch? A panoramic art could be the answer!

A panorama is an image that shows a wide-angle view of a space or an object. Panoramic photos are much wider than they are tall, and are often captured by stitching a series of images together. This kind of extended image shows much more than a photo from a single perspective. For instance, a photograph from the top of a mountain shows only the view directly in front, while a panoramic photo can show the view all around. Panoramic photographs and paintings are great for decorating home interiors as they create an immersive experience. 

Here are some of the best spots to hang up a panoramic photo print or artwork in your home. 


An entryway sets the tone when you enter and leave the house. Define your entryway as a transition point by decorating it with a panoramic photo print. An artwork above a bench will immediately grab attention and provide a sense of continuity and largeness to the space. Photographs of sunrises, sunsets, and pathways in nature are good choices for entryways and hallways. 


Look up to panoramic views of beautiful mountain ranges and lakes to lull yourself to sleep every night. A panoramic view lets you explore the depth of nature from your bed and can be a great way to distract yourself if you’re struggling to fall asleep. It can also be an equally breathtaking view to wake up to, and can feel like looking out of a window with scenic views. 


A large couch requires an equally large view to match up in the living room. Decorate your living room with panoramic artwork above the couch. Panoramic photos are the best choice for decorating above a long sofa, as it mirrors the length of the couch. This keeps the artwork from disappearing into the wall. Panoramic views can also hold the attention of your guests during breaks in conversation, and be a point of conversation themselves. 


Mantels are excellent places to put up panoramic images. If you have a particularly long mantel that is looking a bit sparse, you can fill it up with a beautiful panorama. Since mantel spaces generally stand out from the surrounding decor, make sure to choose a panorama that has striking colours that provide strong contrast against the background. Alternatively, you could get creative and use the panorama as a backdrop for interesting pieces of decor in front.


If you have a minimal home office, a panorama may be just the thing you need. Panoramas can be a great way to add dynamism and life to the space, and make it conducive for productivity. You can use images of forests and water bodies to calm your mind at work and stay focused. 

Dining Table

A well-designed dining room makes dining a pleasure. Decorate your dining room with panoramic art of trees or beaches to create a peaceful and happy atmosphere. Combine this with a console table or a sideboard and decorative accessories to bring the look together.

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