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Regaining Your Mojo eBook

I know how you're feeling.

You LOVE photography however, the motivation just isn't there right now.

Frustrating, isn't it?

Don't despair!

It's only natural to go through ups and downs as a creative. Think of the world's best golf players - they don't play their best round every week. Golf, like photography, is just as much about the mind as it is your talent. One week they play the round of their lives, the next week they're rubbish!

Nothing has changed other than their mindset. Their skill set hasn't suddenly plummeted after just one week.

Photography is the same - sometimes these slumps last not just days but weeks or months. One minute you go out and everything you point your camera towards is a WINNER! The next time nothing comes out right.



Here's 10 Tips to help you get out of this slump and REGAIN YOUR MOJO!

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