Winter Views of Sweden

Winter Views of Sweden

Winterscapes are popular wall art prints in warm regions across the world, as they lend a cool ambience to interiors. Pictures of snowy mountains and frozen lakes have an artistic quality to them. They often represent peace and solitude, and are chosen as calming art prints for bedrooms and living rooms. Winters in Sweden bring these beautiful scenes to life. During this time, towns and cities take on a charming look, and are best captured in dreamy photographs. Take a walk along snowy Stockholm streets and experience unique winter landscapes with these Sweden art prints.

Icehotel As its name implies, the Icehotel is a hotel made out of ice, recreating the experience of living in an igloo. The concept began in the Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi and has now expanded across the world. In Jukkasjärvi, the hotel is made of ice blocks and snow harvested from the Torne River. Each year, selected artists from around the world come to Sweden to design and create the hotel suites and ice sculptures. Open from December to April, the hotel offers visitors a chance to stay in a room made entirely of ice. The hotel also features an ice bar and ice chapel - with walls of snow and even an altar carved from ice. With the design changing every year, the ice hotel is a dynamic work of art made immemorial through photo prints.

Winter Wonderland Winter views of Sweden are unlike any other. Here, frozen waterfalls create stunning views of nature that look like abstract art come to life. Snow-covered landscapes filled with trees and wooden cabins resemble a winter wonderland. During this time, lush green forests get clad in a layer of white, turning into a calming landscape. This is also a great time to spot wild elks and packs of sled dogs. Streets of Stockholm Architecture lovers enjoy walking along the picturesque streets of Stockholm. The boulevards are dotted with buildings in the Neoclassical style, often with Gothic influences. Many of these buildings feature a simple facade that is distinctly Scandinavian. Art prints of Stockholm streets capture the beautiful architecture and setting and are a great gift for design lovers. Northern Lights In northern Sweden, you can witness one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world, the aurora borealis or northern lights. The northern lights are a mesmerising sight to watch - bands of brilliant green and blue dancing in the sky, set above a winter landscape. The view makes for a magical artwork that is loved by children and adults alike. After all, who wouldn't love to fall asleep watching the northern lights?!

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