Sun, Sand, and Scenery at Noosa

Sun, Sand, and Scenery at Noosa

If you’re looking for the perfect destination to explore Australia's amazing nature while enjoying the vibes of a laid back beach side town, look no further than Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Named after the local river, Noosa is also a world class surfing destination with brilliant blue waters, and a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Read on to learn more about this beautiful, beachy hamlet and how it makes for one of the best photography locations in the world.

Laguna Bay

Known for its incredible sunsets, Laguna Bay beach is the most well-known beach in Noosa. Located right by the popular Hastings Street, the beach is lined with a number of restaurants that overlook the sun, sand and ocean. Popular activities at Laguna Bay include walks along the promenade, swimming and surfing. Not to mention ample opportunities for photographing the surfers and sand sculptures. 

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine beach lies just south of Noosa National Park, and is a beach favoured by swimmers and surfers alike. The beach is also popular for fishing throughout the year. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the white sand beach lined with pandanus trees, or relax at a cafe and enjoy stunning ocean views. 

Noosa Everglades

The Florida Everglades and the Noosa Everglades are the only two of their kind in the whole world. These wetlands are both home to a large variety of plants and wildlife, making them biodiversity hotspots in the regions. 

The Noosa Everglades boasts calm waters which are popular with kayakers and swimmers. The water reflects the tea tree forests all around, earning it the name ‘River of Mirrors’. Pictures of boats and beautiful reflections on the Noosa river make for spectacular wall art in interiors. Boat rides along the Noosa Everglades also give you the opportunity to catch sight of rare birds and plants that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park is located just a short distance from the city. The park is a must see for ocean lovers, with several gorgeous beaches to walk, swim, and surf in. One of the most impressive spots in Noosa is undoubtedly Tea Tree Bay. The bay is known for its picturesque views which make for beautiful beach art prints. It’s a great spot to spend a day taking in the sun, walking along the beach, and catching sight of crabs and fish in tiny rock pools around. If you’re lucky, you might see some koalas too! Tea Tree Bay is also one of the top surf spots in Noosa. Hell’s gates sandstone cliffs are another must-visit, offering dramatic rock formations and caverns, spectacular ocean views, and in the right season, a chance to spot whales, dolphins, and turtles.

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