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What the colour GREEN does for your home

What the colour GREEN does for your home

As the most common colour in nature, green is everywhere around us. The colour encapsulates life and the beauty of earth in all its glory, which is one of the many reasons why interior designers have been obsessed with green lately. 

With the focus falling on how home interiors make us feel, green has emerged as a must-have colour in interiors. It is the colour of nature, life, growth, and happiness. Adding a bit of green to your home through plants and artwork brings in the joy of nature.  

In its diverse range of shades, green can have varying effects in an interior space. You can use these to determine where to hang up green wall art in your home. 

A nature photograph in green can energise and motivate you at home and work. This lively colour is associated in many cultures with moving ahead, and can be just the thing you need for inspiration on those seemingly never-ending days.  

Bright green coloured images are the most effective at creating an energising environment. A green trim or artwork in this peppy colour can add just the right amount of energy to your room. So put up a picture of lush green landscapes in your office or home gym to motivate you to keep going towards your goals - be it work or fitness.


Spring, the season of new life, is most often associated with the colour green. A picture of young plants or a photograph of a lake with a blue-green tint can be very refreshing to look at. Green artwork is the decor of choice for home offices for this very reason.

Photographs of turquoise streams and waterfalls are particularly popular for their rejuvenating abilities. Looking at these images has a soothing effect on the eyes and reduces eye strain, which is a major issue for those who work long hours in front of screens. 


Nothing conveys positivity like the colour green. Green is used to denote “yes”, optimism, and is often associated with safety. Green is also associated with prosperity, abundance and luck.

According to Feng Shui, adding a bit of green at home promotes harmony and attracts wealth. The best way to go about this is by adding paintings and photographs of nature to the entryway of your house. Images displaying the varying hues of green in nature are said to bring positivity and growth. Photos of forest and trees with beautiful foliage are perfect for this, and also adds a verdant look to interiors.


Nature is calming, which is why taking a walk outside and gazing at photos of landscapes are relaxing activities. Even small amounts of greenery, like spending time amongst houseplants, is known to improve overall mood.

If houseplants are not your cup of tea though, not to worry - paintings and photos of nature are equally calming. Shades of green and blue, which are the most common colours in nature, fall in the cool range of colours, and have the ability to bring about a sense of peace and quietude to the mind. Artwork in these colours can be used throughout the house to help you decompress and feel rested.


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