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Is Red Artwork Right for Your Home?

Is Red Artwork Right for Your Home?

The uniqueness of the Australian landscape is seen most clearly in its colours. A distinct mix of red and green define many Australian landmarks and sights. It’s hard not to fall in love with the beauty of the colour red here.

The mountains, sunsets, and outback landscapes of Australia look gorgeous swathed in red. These sights also make beautiful photographs and prints that can be displayed at home. The prints display the charm of Australia and the power of red in interiors.


Red is the colour of passion. It’s associated with love, energy, and excitement. Studies have shown that red can raise heart rate and metabolism, and even improve your appetite. Take advantage of this quality of red by including a bright red photo print in your home gym, study, or child’s play area. An ornate red wallpaper in the dining area can help stimulate your appetite, while an artwork in deep red can add a sensuous look to the bedroom.

The ability of red to evoke strong emotions also makes it disliked by some in shared spaces. To avoid these intense feelings, opt for gentler shades of red in your interiors or choose images with more colours in them. A picture of a sunrise, sunset, or rocky terrain with a vivid range of colours could be a better choice in such spaces.


Many cultures in Asia consider red a lucky colour. In China, red represents vitality and light, while in Japan, red stands for peace, strength, and passion. In China, Japan, and India, red is an auspicious colour that brings good fortune.

The colour red represents the fire element in Asian traditional practices like Feng Shui and Vastu. In Vastu, a red wall or shelf can add positive energy to the kitchen. According to Feng Shui, adding a bit of red to every room in your home can attract luck and wellness. You can do this with the help of decor and furnishings like a red rug, red photo prints, or small red vases and figurines.


Red, orange, and yellow are warm tones often used to create inviting interiors. Hanging up a photograph in tones of red can quickly add warmth to any space.

Interior designers use fabrics and artwork in soft and dark red shades to make homes feel welcoming. A soft red cushion on a grey couch or a deep red artwork on an off-white wall creates a cosy ambience at home. The colour red also pairs beautifully with different types of wood, making the home feel more comfortable and warm.



Wearing red can make you stand out from the crowd. This is why the colour is a favourite among celebrities at major events and premieres. 

A large artwork or photo print in shades of red makes a bold statement in interiors and can be a highlight in your home. Hang it up on the living room wall, facing your dining table, or in the entryway to make a big impression. It’ll catch the attention of your guests immediately, and can be the conversation starter at your next party.



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