Discover the National Parks of the Red Centre

Discover the National Parks of the Red Centre

Located at the heart of Australia, the Red Centre is renowned for its magnificent geological formations and indigenous history. The area gets its name from the red colour of the soil, which gives the deserts, mountain ranges, and lakes a distinct look. Discover the Red Centre by visiting these national parks and take home a photo print to celebrate its beauty.

Tjoritja West MacDonnell National Park

Known locally as the Tjoritja, the West MacDonnell National Park is a must-visit in the Northern Territory. Formed around part of the MacDonnell Mountain Ranges and home to several unique species located in the ranges, the park is most known for its striking gorges and waterholes, which make for some amazing views and photographs of the red centre. 

The Ormiston Gorge, Redbank Gorge and Glen Helen Gorge are some of the scenic waterholes in the region and feature in art prints of the MacDonnell Ranges. Set in between red hills with ghost gum trees all around, these natural pools are the perfect place to cool off in the desert. The gorges offer spectacular views of openings in the mountain range and provide opportunities to spot rare wildlife. Hiking enthusiasts can explore these spots and several others as part of the Larapinta Trail, a 231 km walking trail ranked amongst the top 20 treks in the world.


Finke Gorge National Park

At the Finke Gorge National Park, an ancient river and a desert oasis break the familiar red landscape of the region. The park gets its name from the Finke River, which winds its way through the protected reserve. Believed to be the oldest river in the world, the Finke River is also part of Aboriginal legends from the area. 

Along with Finke River, Palm Valley is another remnant of prehistoric times in the park. It is the only place in Central Australia where Red Cabbage Palms are found, hinting at its tropical past. The Kalaranga Lookout provides extraordinary views of this area and is a popular spot to photograph Palm Valley. 


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The most iconic sights in Red Centre are found in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The park is home to Uluru - the world’s largest monolith and an Australian landmark. At 348m, the rock towers over the arid red landscape around it. The changing colours of Uluru make it a popular art print in homes and commercial spaces. 

At a short distance from Uluru lies Kata Tjuta - a group of 36 rock domes spread over several kilometres. Walking trails around the rocks provide panoramic views of Kata Tjuta and an opportunity to explore the red domes up close. 


Watarrka National Park

While the Red Centre is known for its desert landscapes, there are still occasional pockets of greenery around. The Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park is one such area where tall sandstone walls shelter and nurture rare plants found nowhere else. Permanent waterholes deep in the canyon allow plants and wildlife to thrive here. Photos of Kings Canyon reveal the contrast of dark green bushes and trees against the red rocks and are a favourite with visitors at the Red Centre. 

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