We’ve been answering a few questions in the last few days regarding our workshops and our COVID policy.


I thought it best to put it down here so everyone is across what we doing to make it as easy as possible going forward.


1. We are planning for the best case scenario and hoping we can run as many workshops as possible in 2022 and beyond. Of course, we live in uncertain times. Anything could crop up at the last minute that changes plans for everyone. Here’s hoping for no surprises!!!


2. We won’t be running any workshops that put our clients at risk, nor will we run any workshops that require us to be quarantined for 14 days in a hotel upon returning home. It’s just not worth the time (and money).


3. Should we need to postpone any workshop due to travel restrictions, we will automatically enrol participants in the same workshop for the following year. Such was the case for our scheduled Lake Baikal workshop next month in Russia. That way, you don’t miss out. Unfortunately, we all just have to wait a little longer to experience that stunning location!


4. We are asking for a small deposit to secure your booking for any future workshop. However, we are not accepting ANY more payments on workshops until we can be assured that the workshop is going ahead. It just doesn’t feel right to us to be taking your money when there’s a chance it may not go ahead as planned.


5. We don’t cancel workshops, more just postpone them. So we will get you to your dream location. It may just come a year or so later than anticipated.


6. Our customers will not lose ANY money from a workshop booking. So you can book knowing you will not be out of pocket. Deposits can be transferred to another workshop and there’s no expiry on monies paid.


7. All workshop prices are subject to change given postponements and increasing costs of transportation, accommodation, etc. However, we will do our best to limit these increases.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions - or +61 490 055 697


Here’s hoping we can get out and experience the joys of nature soon!



Tom Putt

12 April 2022