Four Seasons in the Victorian High Country

May 13, 2022

Four Seasons in the Victorian High Country

Step away from the summer heat with a visit to the Victorian High Country. The region is part of the Australian Alps and is well known for its snow-covered peaks, mountain resorts, gorgeous lakes, and waterfalls. Vineyards and picturesque mountain towns make it a popular tourist destination in Victoria. While High Country’s winter views are unmatched, the region is a great destination year round. Take a look at some of the ways to explore the four seasons of the Victorian High Country.



Spring is a good time to visit Victorian High Country waterfalls and watch the region come alive. During this season, the hills are blanketed in wildflowers and the weather is perfect to wander the trails, photographing scenic mountain views. Expect occasional patches of snow dotting the fresh green carpet as you make your way across the lush landscape.



Summer in the Victorian High Country is the best time to explore mountain trails and all the views that come with it. Walk, hike, or cycle the trails to enjoy summer scenes of Victorian alps which include flowering snow gum trees. Camping is a popular summer activity in the region, particularly around the valley lakes. Kayak or canoe the lakes and rivers, or take a houseboat ride at Lake Eildon to enjoy the tranquil water views.



Warm and colourful scenes welcome you to the Victorian High Country in Autumn. During autumn, the town of Bright is clad in a million hues of yellow and red. Colourful leaves carpet the area, setting the scene for Bright’s famed Autumn Festival. This is the time to don your fall jacket and wander around town, sampling wine, cheese, beer, and freshly baked bread. The cool autumn weather makes it the best season to hike and explore mountain huts in the area. Set against the bright autumn foliage, photos of these mountain huts make for a cosy scene.



Winter is undoubtedly the most popular season in the Victorian Alps. A thick layer of snow covers the mountains in winter, turning the region into a winter wonderland. The snow-covered slopes of Mt Buffalo and Mt Hotham welcomes skiers and snowboarders every year. But it’s the winter scenes that make the Victorian High Country one of the best sights in Australia and a popular winter photo print. The tree-covered mountains covered in snow make for beautiful prints, and are a splendid choice for interiors that contrast with Australian summers. Cabins, mountaintops, and even snow gums trees photographed in the summer show their brilliant colours against the pristine white of the snow.

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