Vermillion Salts

LOCATION: Walvis Bay, Namibia, Africa

DATE: March 2019

LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Just 10 prints available World-Wide.


A few years back, we sent our Namibian Workshop Participants on a special flight over the Namibia sand dunes. These are some of the highest and most expansive dune sin the world.

Towards the end of the flight, they flew over some colourful salt ponds. Excited to tell me what they’d found, their photos didn’t disappoint. The incredible warm tones were like nothing I’d seen before in a landscape.

The following year I included a specially chartered flight specifically for this area. I was keen to see this for myself.

With Walvis Bay being coastal, it often is shrouded in low cloud, or sea mist, from the cold southern ocean currents mixing with the heat from the inland desert. Of course, on the day we had booked our flight, the cloud was there!

However, we took off anyway, hoping to find some breaks in the clouds for our photography. As reached our destination, the cloud was there but the pilot did an expert job in getting us into position for our shots. The colours were as I’d hoped - AMAZING!

Rich, vibrant oranges, reds, greens, yellows and browns. I was SO EXCITED!

Patterns appeared that looked like cracked paint on a canvas. Another looked like people lined up, winking at me.

I didn’t want the flight to end. I could have photographed this landscape all day. What a sight!

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