Tanzania Photography Workshop & Photo Tour



16th to 25th August 2020

JOIN US FOR THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME on the Serengeti Plains as we witness the stunning African wildlife is one of the most famous places in the world.

Almost straight out of a David Attenborough documentary, you'll photograph cheetahs, leopards and lions preying as the wildebeest look to protect their young from the predators that call the Serengeti their hunting ground.

If that wasn't enough, add dramatic storms that create amazing photographic skies that are a photographers dream.

For 10 days you'll experience the true African wildlife experience all under the expert guidance of Master Photographer Tom Putt and Australian wildlife ecologist Clinton Schipper.


    Day 1 Arrive Kilimanjaro Airport, Tanzania

    Arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport in the afternoon, we will be met by our guide who will transfer us by road to our nearby lodge. On the 45-minute drive to our lodge we will pass through bustling villages, and fertile well water agricultural land and experience our first taste of every day life in Tanzania. Once at the lodge we will check in, the rest of the afternoon can be spent relaxing by the pool or walking the lush tropical grounds of the lodge.



    Day 2 & 3 - Lake Natron

    After a good nights sleep and hearty breakfast we will start our journey to Lake Natron. On our drive we will leave the well-watered slopes of Mount Meru and head to the dry and dusty Maasai steppe. We will immediately notice the “rain shadow” country as the land turns dry and dusty and the pastoral Maasai and their herds take center stage. The drive takes us along the plains at the base of the mighty Rift Valley and onto the shores of Lake Natron. Lake Natron is a shallow alkaline lake the only breeding place of the east African population of Lesser Flamingoes.  Ol doinyo Lengai, the Mountain of God to the Maasai community, will never be out of our site, and adds to the rugged beauty of this area. We will spend a second day in this area to allow us plenty of time to explore.



    Day 3 Lake Natron – Ndutu Area of the Serengeti

    Today we leave the dry and dust behind and travel to the short grass plains of the Serengeti. We ascend the edge of the Great Rift Valley to the Mbulu and Ngorongoro Highlands. The Mbulu highlands are home to the Iraq people who settled in this area long before the neighboring Maasai and are an agricultural people. Once thru the town of Karatu we enter the world heritage listed Ngorongoro Highlands. This protected area of 8,300km2 is named after its most famous feature, the Ngorongoro Crater. The Crater is the world's largest intact volcanic caldera, and we will travel along the rim, travelling through dense and pretty forests and always keeping an eye out for wildlife and spectacular views of the rich grassy plains below.

    We leave the lush green rolling hills of the Crater behind and pass through increasingly arid and flat plains of the Serenegeti where it's not unusual to see zebras and wildebeest grazing nearby to a Maasai manyatta (homestead), and herders with their goats and cattle in close proximity to Thompson gazelles, before we arrive at our lodge in the evening.



    Day 4, 5, 6 & 7

    The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai word for 'endless plains' and as we head out of the woodlands that surround the lodge you will understand why. In every direction you can see only flat grasslands dotted with wildlife. It is here, on the short grass plains of the Serengeti, where the wildebeest of the great migration choose to give birth. The mass of herbivores and their young attract the predators from all over the central and southern Serengeti. Lions and Hyena from the central Serengeti travel tens of kilometers to spend their time here during this season, while the nomadic cheetah follow the herds to this area. While the African hunting dogs that spend the dry season in the adjacent woodlands can often be seen hunting on the plains. As a result there is wonderful opportunities for some spectacular predator action. The skies in this area are HUGE and at this time of year the storms of the area create more incredible opportunities for photography.



    Day 8 & 9

    Today we will continue to travel west to the Seronera area of the Serengeti. Here the landscape changes and is dominated by medium grass plains, woodlands interspersed with magnificent Kopjes. Large head shaped rocky outcrops that dot the area. The kopjes provide a great home for the Leopard and if we haven’t already, this we hope to catch up with this often-elusive predator in this area.



    Day 10

    After our last morning drive. We will head back to camp, pack our bags and travel the short distance to the Seronera Airstrip. Here, we will board our internal flight to Kilimanjaro Airport in time for our international flights home.


    Please make sure you:


    • 8 participants only


    • Book your own flights to Arrive and Depart Kilimanjaro Airport.
    • A private 4WD collects you from the airport to your hotel.   


    • Beginner, Amateur, Enthusiast, Semi-professional, Professional.
    • Busy schedule.
    • Travel by 4WD.
    • 4 hotels across 9 nights.
    • All our workshops require a good sense of balance and a good level of fitness in order to fully enjoy all the experiences. We regularly walk to fantastic locations for up to an hour at any a time but in one day you could be walking up to 3 to 4 hours in total. This may require walking over uneven ground, rocky surfaces, soft sand, deep snow, up and down hills, rock hopping, hiking to lookouts, etc. Some walks are steep and strenuous, others are on uneven surfaces. To get the best photographs you will be carrying your own backpack with your camera gear, tripod, water and lunch. Whilst we do not look to exclude anyone, being fit is essential to participate fully in the workshop.


    • APRIL - Temperature 16 to 38c  Sunrise 649am | Sunset 714pm


    • Full payment required upon booking to guarantee your place. 
    • Terms & Conditions - CLICK HERE. 


    Hi I'm Tom Putt and I'll be leading you on this AMAZING Tanzania Photography Workshop. A little bit more about me - I am passionate and wildly enthusiastic about photography, having spent the last 20 years exploring all parts of Australia to photograph landscapes.

    I first fell in love with photography at age 13. I photographed wildlife, following my love for ornithology, before leaving university to pursue a career in sports photography. In 1998, I was fortunate enough to take the eye of Australia's leading sports photography agency, Sport the Library. From 1998 to 2001, I covered over 300 events across Australia and the world, including the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    But my passion has always been in landscape photography. My first shoot was walking the Overland Track in 1997. Since then, I have travelled extensively across Australia to capture the beauty of this great land.

    I am a Master of Photography and have won over 100 Awards in both International and National Competitions. In 2014, I was awarded the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Runner-up.


    Clint and I met 30 years ago and grew up birdwatching together.

    Having traveled the world, Clint has spent the last 10 years running his own safari company in Tanzania, guiding clients through the stunning African plains.

    I'm super excited to be partnering with Clint to run this unique workshop. Clint is an exceptional biologist with a great sense of humour.

    Everyone on this workshop will have a great time to Clint.

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