Photography Business Mentor Programme

A collaboration between

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I'm very pleased to announce the exciting collaboration of myself along withåÊMary Trantino from the Photography Business Academy to offer photographers the opportunity to grow their business.


This unique Mentoring Program is perfect for Photographers:åÊ

  • Transitioning into a photography business from a full time or part time jobåÊ
  • Already in business wanting someone to bounce ideas, thoughtsåÊ& questionsåÊ
  • To find out what‰۪s not working, inspiration & motivation åÊ
  • Wanting to keep up with what‰۪s really happening in the Photography Industry and the social media marketing changes.


The programme includes:åÊ

1.åÊAccess to Mary Trantino, business coach and founder of the Photography Business Academy, and Tom Putt, professional photographer and owner of Inspire Landscapes, allåÊthroughoutåÊthe month via FB inbox or emailåÊ

2.åÊBooked skype calls

3.åÊLive and interactive webinars covering Marketing, Sales and Customer ServiceåÊ

4.åÊRecorded client booking calls ‰ÛÒåÊwhen they book and when they don‰۪tåÊ

5.åÊRecorded client in-person sales purchasing appointmentsåÊ

6.åÊWeekly podcasts answering your questions and current topicsåÊ

7.åÊAccess to Industry suppliers and business contacts that come recommendedåÊ

8.åÊInclusion in Private FB groupåÊ

9.åÊPhoto critique and production adviceåÊ

10.åÊAccess to the PBA Business Courses at a reduced priceåÊ


Ask your curly questions, send through your marketing lettersåÊand advertising foråÊreview before you press GO, find out how to get around client objections, join aåÊlarger support community of like minded Photographers in Business, stop wonderingåÊif you are about to make the right decision before you implementåÊand run it by MaryåÊand her team.åÊ

There has never been a better time to be in business as a Photographer ANDåÊyouåÊdon‰۪t need to go through it alone. Mary and Tom are your safety net, your motivators andåÊyouråÊbiggest fans.åÊ


Enjoy having a business partner without all the strings attached!


Just $248 per month.åÊ

Enter our monthly draw to win $295 towards any Tom Putt artwork of your choice.