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In this video (Duration 1 hour 25mins) I take you on a comprehensive journey as we explore the stunning frozen landscape of Lake Baikal, Russia.

Lake Baikal is a landscape like no other. Situated north of the Mongolian border in remote Siberia, Russia, Baikal freezes into a stunning winter wonderland every year.  

In February 2020 I was fortunate to travel their with a group of six participants as we spent a week photographing this incredible landscape.

In this video I show you my thought process behind the shots, composition techniques and simple Lightroom techniques I use to process them.



PS. If you would like to photograph Baikal yourself, we still have a few places available for our 2021 workshop. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Here's some of the feedback from this workshop:

"Awesome workshop Tom thanks wrote three A5 pages of notes so yes got heaps out of it thank you thank thank you. Love being immersed in this stuff" Ainsley, VIC

"I enjoyed watching tonight's presentation while holed up in a hotel room near Tullamarine. You next presentations will be on my must watch list." Peter, VIC

"Thanks Tom. The time has gone quickly. Agree it was fabulous to forget all that's happening in the world - Nature ROCKS, especially through your lens. Really appreciate what you've given tonight." Julie, VIC

"Brilliant! Thanks Tom. Certainly inspired and learned a thing or two about Lightroom." Ruth

"I look forward to next Monday's presentation. Great session Tom." Jessie

"Thank you so much Tom always great listening to you and watching what you’ve been up to you and Mary are an inspirational couple. Great job. Hope to see more soon ❤️🌷stay well🙏🏻" Phylby

"Amazing tutorial, thanks so much Tom. Work a lot with LR but learned some extra tips which is awesome. Look forward to next week. Take care 😃" Lyn

"Thanks Tom, great way to spend a Monday evening. Looking forward to next week - your amazing. 📸📸" Vicki

"Thank you Tim for sharing, I found this very informative, was a little surprised with your very short work flow which works for you and your photos are amazing. Will look forward to next week's live feed." Jim

"Really loving your presentation. Stunning images." Suzanne

"Thanks Tom. I particularly enjoyed hearing your thoughts on composition of the images. Looking forward to next week." Cliff, NSW

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