ONLINE PRESENTATION - Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Duration 1 hour 18mins

The Mornington Peninsula - my home patch!

A unique part of Australia where you can watch the sunrise over water and SET over water also! There's not too many places in Australia where this is possible.

We have awesome natural landscapes, spectacular beaches, jetties, piers, forest, and many, many wineries!

Come on a journey as I show you where some of the more iconic landscapes are as well as the not-so-well-know ones!




Here's some of the feedback from this workshop:

"Loved it, thank you. I was born in Mornington and grew up there, lived there until I Ieft home to study in Melbourne where I now reside. You have exposed a few locations in your presentation I have never known, just a few, mind you. I used to roam the peninsula widely and thoughtI knew it fairly intimately. You are right, it is a wonderful place with amazing weather conditions that rapidly evolve which can create a visual spectacle, perfect for photography." Julie

"Another brilliant presentation Tom - thankx much. Had to catch up today & really appreciate the time you put in." Lynn

"Amazing Tom - thanks for sharing such useful information and inspiration with your photography and also showing people enjoying our beautiful spot we live in. Your new book will be a great success I'm sure." Julie

"Another great presentation Tom. So many great locations to shoot in Australia." MIchael

"Thanks Tom for a great presentation of the beauty in our mornington peninsula backyard." Erin

"Thanks Tom great presentation this is an area i need to explore further." Jim

"Just amazing. Thanks Tom. Great that we can visit Vic again. We’re on our way." Madeline

"That's a wonderful help. I've not visited your area at this stage but am thinking I'll be down that way in the not too distant future! Thank you." Robyn

"Thanks Tom this presentation is very special . Showing off our local area. Another fabulous presentation." Vicki

"Thanks Tom enjoyable as always." Nicky

"Another fabulous presentation Tom. Do love the colour of the water, must get to this part of Australia soon!" Chris

"Thank you Tom for a great presentation. Will certainly visit the peninsula soon!" Ann-Marie

"Thanks for showing us your home area, great photos. enjoyable again." Rodney

"Another fabulous presentation, thanks Tom!" Julie

"Thanks Tom, it’s great to see the beautiful Peninsula from different angles. Great presentation." Julie

"Thanks Tom, really enjoyed this inspirational presentation!" Lotje

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